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"Only in North Carolina - Outlaw Baseball and a cultural double header at NC State."

A Noble Experiment

"Today is opening day, you know. Its a new baseball picture for Charlotte and this section. Not Organized Professional Baseball....but something which may prove just as entertaining and diverting. Certainly, it's a noble experiment, and most engaging."
"Charlotte is in the Carolina League. The league abides by the rules and general plan of organized professional baseball. The ball they hit is standard and bears the league president's signature. The carefully chosen umpires are uniformed, draw regular salaries, work under strict supervision. The only different is the players are not stricktly chattels as in organized professional baseball. They can leave on a moment's notice and go to an organized professional league, but they cannot jump from one club to another in this circuit."
May 18, 1936: Jake Wade, award-winning sports editor of The Charlotte Observer.

National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues News Release

"Presence of players on the ineligible list of organized baseball on the rosters of clubs in the Carolina League, an independent organization, has brought forth a warning from President W.G. Bramham of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, calling attention of all players and clubs in the National Association to conditions which exist in this outlaw league"
"'The Carolina League,' Bramham said, 'composed of Concord, Kannapolis, Mooresville, Shelby, Hickory, Forest City, Charlotte, and Valdese, is harboring and playing players under contract or reserve with organized ball. All such players are placed on the ineligible list, and all players and clubs in organized ball are notified that the playing with or against ineligibles, or with or against clubs playing or harboring ineligible players, will bring about the ineligibility of any and all players who fail to observe this warning. President Bramham declared the law would be rigidly invoked in dealing with players under jurisdiction of the national association who competed with or against organizations harboring ineligibles."
June 16, 1936, The Concord Tribune

"The Carolina League is a haven for dissatisfied professional ball players" - news dispatch from the NAPBL's annual winter meeting in Montreal, Canada - December 7, 1936.
The Concord Tribune.

The Independent Carolina Baseball League

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Outlaw Ballplayers

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